Idea Space’s treasure trove of free art resources for kids, teachers, and community groups is a valuable resource for anyone interested in arts education and creativity.

The resources cover a wide range of topics, from drawing and painting to photography and creative writing.

Idea Space’s free art resources  provide people of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to learn about the arts, develop their creativity.

Benefits of Idea Space’s free art resources:

  • Accessibility: The resources are free to download and use, which makes them accessible to everyone.
  • Diversity: The resources cover a wide range of art forms and topics, so there is something for everyone.
  • Quality: The resources are high-quality and informative, and they have been created by experienced artists and educators.
  • Engagement: The resources are designed to be engaging and fun, and they can help to spark creativity and inspire people of all ages.

Examples of how Idea Space’s free art resources can be used:

  • Teachers can use the resources to supplement their art curriculum or to create new and innovative lessons.
  • Parents can use the resources to help their children develop their artistic skills and creativity at home.
  • Community groups can use the resources to organize arts workshops and activities for their members.
  • Individual artists can use the resources to learn new skills and develop their artistic practice.

Free Resources

Nature has the Answers

Teacher-led resource for KS2. Children learn about climate change, bio-mimicry and climate adaptation. Curricular links: science, art, design, technology, citizenship.
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Make your own colour wheel

Children (primary age) learn about colour theory, mixing primary colours to create secondary colours.
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High Street Design

Activity sheet. Children get to design their perfect local high street, including public art, shop fronts, pocket parks, and social spaces.
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Cann Hall Story Factory

Children (primary age) learn to write a story about their local area. A fun activity touching practising skills in English and local history.
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Tips & tricks on photography

Use your phone to take excellent photos. Learn about rule of thirds (golden ratio), and storytelling through photography.
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