Phone to Film

June 2021 – Feb 2022

Partners: Royal Court, The Man Den, Waltham Forest Young Advisors, Streetbase.

Funded by Foundation for Future London & Waltham Forest.


Young people from Leytonstone participated in digital drawing, animation, phone and DSLR photography workshops, sound and voice training, writing and film-making.

They produced two films, one digitally drawn, and wrote scripts and recorded each film. The writing workshops were led by The Royal Court Theatre outreach team and local creative professionals were engaged in mentoring and leading workshops. 

Other partners included The Man Den, Box for Life, and Waltham Forest Young Advisers.

Spoken Word video

These short films are part of the Idea Space film project and led by the young people involved.

The participants worked with local industry professionals in the creation of these films. This began with writing workshops led by Open Court, through which the participants explored free writing. The group focused on local places about which the participants wrote a stream of consciousness.

Idea Space director Vicky Coffey then led the young people in selecting their pieces of writing and working on different ways to present their work creatively: from using visual props, locations and ways of recording their pieces, layering over music and designing the intro and outro of the films. Following this, the young people worked with vocal coach Martha Swan and co-created the film direction with Gregg Houston in different locations related to their writing.

Leytonstone Lad:
Painting Over The Old

Leytonstone Lad: Painting over the Old was written and animated collaboratively by the group of young people following workshops with Idea Space and Open Court.

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