Drawing Together


Partners: Jenny Hammond Primary School, artist Paula Kane, arts educator Hannah Cushion, artist Ruth Craddock.

Funded by Waltham Forest Community ward funding.


Over 200 primary school children had a blast at two art talks and artist-led workshops! They learned about drawing, painting, and print-making from talented artists Paula Kane, Hannah Cushion, and Ruth Craddock. Even better, they got to make their own art, including a large-scale collaborative drawing with Ruth.

Drawing is a powerful tool for children’s development. It’s like a magic key that opens the door to creativity and helps children to express themselves in new and exciting ways. They use their imagination to create something new. They learn how to observe the world around them and how to communicate their ideas with others. It can help them to relax, focus, and de-stress.

Encourage your child to draw! It’s a fun and easy activity that can have a big impact on their development, and improve their health and well-being. Drawing Together showed that many of the children improved their self-expression, concentration, and confidence.

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