Creative Club


Partners: Kiran Support Services, Jenny Hammond Primary School SEN Families Support, Cann Hall Women’s Foundation.

Funded by Waltham Forest Connecting Communities.

Two community groups used art to explore their creativity and well-being. One group is made up of South Asian women who have experienced domestic abuse, and the other is a support group for parents of children with special educational needs (SEN). With professional artists as guides, these groups are empowered to create and connect. Idea Space gave the opportunity to celebrate the creativity and joy of these community groups.

· The women’s group learned to use tablets to make beautiful digital art, developing design styles like symmetry, pattern-making and colour symbolism derived from their own cultures. They also enjoyed traditional forms of drawing, expressing their unique cultures and experiences, and joined well-being walks with sketching from nature sessions in a local nature reserve.

· The primary school SEN group made amazing sculptures and neon light art. They also made a short film about the challenges and joys of living with SEN children, and how they are perceived by others.

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