Free ‘Nature has the Answers’ climate change resource for KS2 for Teachers.

 Nature provides us with everything that we need to survive, from the air that we breathe to the water that we drink and the plants and food that we eat. ‘Nature has the answers’ encourages KS2 learners to discover how the natural world has inspired designers and inventors to develop new solutions to existing problems, from the leaves that sparked umbrellas to the swimsuits that are inspired by shark skin.

This teacher-led resource includes three session plans and supporting activities that encourage learners’ creativity and curiosity as they explore how bio-mimicry can help combat climate change and encourage learners to invent their own solutions inspired by nature.

This learning resource was made in partnership with Jenny Hammond Primary School in Waltham Forest and developed with input from teachers.

Please follow this link to Download the free Resource Pack.


  • 3 lessons 90 mins each
  • 16 pages with additional teachers’ notes
  • Class room activities and templates
  • and resources to use…

Print out templates
Cut up and match activities
Inspiration cards 
Everyday object cards
Problem inspiring cards
Ecosystem cards 

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