Idea Space is regularly commissioned to provide art sessions for a wide range of groups including schools, community groups, and adult learning.

Idea Space can provide the necessary equipment for leading workshops in digital drawing, animation, film-making, sound recording and editing.

We also have art equipment and supplies for traditional forms of art-making.

Idea Space also takes on commissions for designing and producing public art. We’ve recently completed a mural for a local café, an information board for wildlife in a park, and a co-designed mural for a school playground.

Idea Space has also delivered art activities for the ‘Youth Bus’ – a mobile outreach programme providing activities for young people living on housing estates in Walthamstow – and for the Barbican’s outreach team.

“Idea Space ran some digital art workshops with young people that attended a drop-in youth work session in the Leytonstone area.

Vicky was great at listening to the young people’s ideas and very creative with working with the group and helping them to use the digital art package and create their own animation.

The young people loved the sessions and what they were able to create with Vicky’s help. I highly recommend Vicky and hope that we can work together again in the future.”

Helen Perry, Worth Unlimited

‘’I’ve worked with Idea Space on a number of projects including a project which used art for engagement purposes and a project which required management of a local stakeholder group for the development of beautifully designed bespoke artworks for incorporation into a community information board. Vicky was lovely to work with, engaging, skilled and very creative.’’

Ian Martin, Project Manager – Area Regeneration

“I have known and worked with Vicky, lead for Idea Space for a number of years, supporting her youth projects, as well as providing youth input from our youth engagement groups.

We have seen the impact of these sessions first-hand (in previous programmes like Phone to Film) and the creative output they produce from young people in some of the most deprived parts of our borough. We shall continue to support Idea Space going forward.”

Jane Brueseke
Senior Programme Manager Youth Services

Idea Space offers workshops and commissions in the following media

Idea Space is committed to providing people with a variety of opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Idea Space’s workshops and commissions are a valuable resource for the community. They provide people with the opportunity to learn new skills, express themselves creatively, and connect with other artists.

Here some examples:



  • Workshop: Introduction to painting with watercolours
  • Commission: Create a mural for a local community center


  • Workshop: Life drawing
  • Commission: Illustrate a book


  • Workshop: Introduction to print making
  • Commission: Create a series of prints to install a public venue


  • Workshop: Make a porcelain dish
  • Commission: Create a ceramic sculpture for a public space


  • Workshop: How to create a community mural
  • Commission: Paint a mural for a local school


  • Workshop: Introduction to stop-motion animation
  • Commission: Create a short animated film for a local film festival


  • Workshop: How to create a character design
  • Commission: Illustrate a magazine or zine

Digital art

  • Workshop: Introduction to digital painting
  • Commission: Create a digital artwork for fabric design


  • Workshop: How to make a short film
  • Commission: Produce a documentary film about a local community group


  • Workshop: Introduction to music production
  • Commission: Create a sound installation for a public space


  • Workshop: How to take portrait photos
  • Commission: Photograph a local event

Creative writing

  • Workshop: How to write a short story
  • Commission: Write a poem for to promote a local business


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